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  • Are carers provided at the event?
    Everybody Dance Now does not provide carers and those needing support should ensure their carers attend.......EVERYbody will have a good time!
  • What is the cost of an event?
    For details of upcoming events please click here. There is generally a minimal charge for individual participants at venue events to cover overheads. Primary carers are free.
  • How can we pay for participant entry?
    Payment can be made on the day of the event at the entrance to the disco. Separate online payment is not available. Cash or card (Visa, Mastercard etc.) can be used. An ATM is available on the entrance level of the RSL Club. Receipts will be issued.
  • Do carers pay for entry?
    No. It's free entry for carers but they will need to purchase their own non-water drinks
  • Can carers purchase their own drinks and snacks at the venue?
    Yes! There is a bar open in the venue where carers can purchase their own drinks and snacks. Carer food and drink is not covered by EVERYbody Dance Now.
  • Are photos taken at the event?
    EVERYbody Dance Now does have some volunteer photographers that may take photos at the events for event promotional purposes and occasionally place these photos on the website or other social media to allow potential new 'Disco Dancers' to see what all the fun is about! Any photos taken are only used by EVERYbody Dance Now to promote future events and will only be used for this purpose. By attending an event you are agreeing that any photographs or videos taken at the event can be used by EVERYbody Dance Now for event promotional and related purposes.
  • What age do I have to be to attend an EVERYbody Dance Now Disco Event?
    EVERYbody Dance Now Events have been initiated to allow young adults of all abilities to have a safe place to participate in a fun dancing and socialising environment and therefore our Events are for the 18+ age group.
  • Do you have 'Strobe' or 'Flashing' lighting at the event?
    While we don't use 'Strobe' lighting there will be various coloured lighting that may be described as 'flashing' or fast moving. These are more for background atmosphere and will generally be combined with existing lighting. If you have a medical condition where this may be a problem we suggest you personally take this into account before attending one of our events.
  • Where are the discos normally held and how often are they on?
    The discos are normally held four times a year at the 'Downstairs Bar', North Ryde RSL Club, North Ryde. For a Location Map please click here.
  • Is the venue accessible?
    Yes! Drop-off is available at the front door of the North Ryde RSL for cars/vans and a ramp is available next to the steps. Alternatively the North Ryde RSL Club has a multi-level carpark and lifts are available from the carpark. Although the venue is in the 'Downstairs Bar', there are internal stairs, a regular elevator and a larger 'goods' elevator available near the front entrance to access the venue. EVERYbody Dance Now Volunteers will be available to assist where required. An Accessible Toilet is available in the 'Downstairs Bar'. Vehicles can be parked in the free car parking spaces during the event.
  • Is food and drink provided?
    While EVERYbody Dance Now generally provides some drinks and 'nibblies' (such as chips and fruit platters) during the event it is essential that, as normal, the individual dietary restrictions of participants is monitored by the individual/carers or family support. Note: EVERYbody Dance Now does not provide monitoring of individual food or drink intake.
  • Is there a restaurant at the venue if I'd like to stay for dinner after the event?
    Yes! Many of our participants and families do stay for dinner after the event. North Ryde RSL Club has a number of dining options available. See here for dining details.
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