Frequently asked questions


Where are the discos normally held and how often are they on?

The discos are normally held four times a year at the North Ryde Golf Club, Sydney. For a Location Map please click here.

Is the venue accessible?

Yes! Drop-off is available at the front door of the Golf Club for cars and vans. Vehicles can be parked in the 120 free car parking spaces on the upper level during the event. Entrance, venue, accessible toilets and restaurant are all on the one level. Main Entrance Main Entrance

Is food and drink provided?

While EVERYbody Dance Now generally provides iced water and some 'nibblies' (such as chips and fruit platters) during the event it is essential that, as normal, the individual dietary restrictions of participants is monitored by the individual/carers or family support. Note: EVERYbody Dance Now does not provide monitoring of individual food or drink intake.

Is there a restaurant at the venue if I'd like to stay for dinner after the event?

Yes! Many of particpants do stay for dinner after the event. North Ryde Golf Club has a Chinese Restaurant and Bar on the same level as the entrance/disco venue. See here for dining details. Bar Restaurant


Are carers provided at the event?

Everybody Dance Now does not provide carers and those needing support should ensure their carers attend.......EVERYbody will have a good time!

What is the cost of an event?

For details of upcoming events please click here. There is generally a minimal charge for individual participants at venue events to cover overheads. Primary carers are free. Entry is currently using cash however other options are being investigated for future events. An ATM is available at the Venue. Virtual Events (those run on-line) are normally free for all registered participants but again, see upcoming events for details by clicking here.

Are photos taken at the event?

EVERYbody Dance Now does have some volunteer photographers that may take photos at the events for event promotional purposes and occasionally place these photos on the website or other social media to allow potential new 'Disco Dancers' to see what all the fun is about! Any photos taken are only used by EVERYbody Dance Now to promote future events and will only be used for this purpose. By obtaining tickets to an event you are agreeing that any photographs taken at the event can be used by EVERYbody Dance Now for event promotional purposes.

If I register with EVERYbody Dance Now how is my privacy protected?

Your privacy is very important to us. If you decide to register your contact details with EVERYbody Dance Now we will only use this contact information to provide you with information about EVERYbody Dance Now Events or associated information. We will not pass this information on to any third parties.

What age do I have to be to attend an EVERYbody Dance Now Disco Event?

EVERYbody Dance Now Events have been initiated to allow young adults of all abilities to have a safe place to participate in a fun dancing and socialising environment and therefore our Events are for the 18+ age group.

Do the Events normally have a DJ?

They do. But not just any DJ.........we have DJ Joe who has been rocking these events for many years!


What is a 'Virtual Event'?

A Virtual Event is where the event is brought live to your loungeroom by accessing it on your computer using Zoom Software. For an idea what it's like please click here.

Is it hard to setup a Virtual Event and does the software cost anything?

No! Setting up the software is really easy and it costs nothing. We use Zoom software and it can be downloaded to most devices including PC's, Macs, Tablets and Smart Phones.

Can you show me how to setup the required software?

If you don't have the necessary 'software' (which is normally just a web browser client) you'll be prompted to download it after you click on the link to the Virtual Disco. NB. We'll email this link to you about an hour before the disco starts which should give you plenty of time to make sure everything is working before DANCE TIME. :-) For PC's and Macs: The web browser client will be download automatically when you click on the link and join the Zoom 'meeting' (Disco!). However, if you'd like to manually download it earlier you can do so from here. For Tablets and Smartphones: Go to either the App Store or Google Play and download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings App. Type in the Meeting ID you'll receive from us and you're good to go!

How do I access the Virtual Event on the night?

Easy! Make sure you've previously downloaded the Zoom software as described in the Virtual Event FAQ's. Within 24 hours of the Event, EVERYbody Dance Now will email you a link. Before the Event starts, click on the email link and you're ready to dance! :-)) NB. If you're using an App to access the Disco you'll also need to type in the 'Meeting' ID which will be sent to you.

Why do I have to register before the event?

To be part of the event on the night EVERYbody Dance Now needs to email you a link (within 24 hours of the event). You then simply click onto the link on your computer and you're ready to party!

Can the Virtual Event be accessed on PC's, Mac's and Tablets?

Yes! It can be accessed on all these devices. It can even be accessed on Apple and Android phones but something with a larger screen will probably give you a better dancing experience.